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Modcat Feeder

Modcat Feeder

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Why You Should Be Down

• Brighten up any room

• Unique minimal design

• Crafted using eco-friendly materials

• Modular system compatible

• Handmade from my cat shop to your cat home


My prices are as low as possible while paying myself enough to live. I work hard to make my cat furniture available to people of all wages. I offer the lowest possible price so almost everyone can afford to care for their cats. I hope that anyone who has a higher income supports my efforts with a tip as these prices are for lower incomes. Your generous tips help me to continue to keep my prices as low as possible by only paying myself for my time

I share my costs to be as open as possible, these are the average costs and time for my products.

Materials: $15

Time: $20-40

Total: $35-55



8" × 5-½" × 6" - Feeder

4-¾" × 2-¼" - Bowl

(Dowel supports thread into wall supports for safety)

Alternative To

Plastic cat bowls that end up hurting our planet.

Manufactured particle board shelves that are bonded together with heat and chemicals that off-gas into your home.


Eco-friendly wood, ceramic, and metal

Kiln-dried pine, poplar dowels, metal hardware, ceramic bowl

Handmade in the USA


Flatpacked into a cardboard box, filled with kraft paper or reused packing material, paper tape, paper shipping label.

End of Life

All Packaging material - recyclable and/or compostable.

Ceramic - biodegradable

Wood - biodegradable

Metal - recyclable

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