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Cat Floor Cushion

Cat Floor Cushion

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Why You Should Be Down

• Super soft and cozy cat cushion

• Crafted using eco-friendly materials

• 100% organic fabric and stuffing

• Machine washable

• Handmade from my cat shop to your cat home


My prices are as low as possible while paying myself enough to live. I work hard to make my cat furniture available to people of all wages. I offer the lowest possible price so almost everyone can afford to care for their cats. I hope that anyone who has a higher income supports my efforts with a tip as these prices are for lower incomes. Your generous tips help me to continue to keep my prices as low as possible by only paying myself for my time

I share my costs to be as open as possible, these are the average costs and time for my products.

Materials: $15

Time: $20-40

Total: $35-55



17" x 10" × 2" - floor cushion

Machine wash cold

Alternative To

Synthetic polyester fabric, fleece, and polyfill are all made of plastic. Ending up in our water when washed or in a landfill at the end of its life.


100% organic cotton

- fabric

- stuffing

- thread

(GOTS and Green America certified)


Handmade in the USA


Flatpacked into a cardboard box, filled with kraft paper or reused packing material, paper tape, paper shipping label.

End of Life

All Packaging material - recyclable and/or compostable.

Cotton Fabric - biodegradable

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