About Us

ModCatShop - Hi everyone, I'm Phil!

I would love to share my passion with you. I am an independent business owner creating modular furniture for the world. I want everyone to have access to my furniture, this is my passion and it is not about the money to me. I love creating and simply want to share with whoever is interested.

I first sought out to create wall furniture in our small apartment for our cats. Since that initial creation, it has evolved into an entire system that I continue to update. I absolutely love creating useful furniture that improves the flow of a space, the vibes of a room, and the functionality of a wall. There is way more usable space in a small apartment than some people realize or are able to take advantage of. I aim to help everyone change that!

My cats, plants, and I all personally use every piece of furniture I have created so far. Every piece comes from my heart and is a continuous project that I will always work to improve and add to. 

My modular system is designed to give you cats a play area that is out of the way, beautiful, and always interchangeable. I have designed house furniture as well that brings you and your cat's areas together in a good way. As well as your plants, which most cat owners know how hard having plants in the house can be. Everything works together to keep you, your cats, and your plants happy!

I greatly appreciate anyone who has taken the time to see what I have to offer! ✌😌

- Phil